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East - Siberian punk rock group "V Pyatku Sverlo"("The Drilled Heel"), or, abbreviated, - "V.P.S", continues the East-Siberian punk traditions( listen to the collections "The East-Siberian punk" №1and № 2, and also see the Internet page <http://vkontakte.ru/club14112116> which is called ### " THE EAST - SIBERIAN PUNK AND UNDERGROUND ###). The musicians themselves defined their style as the Syberian Brew Punk. Different musical elements beginning from Garage rock of 60-s to modern Crust can be heard there. 

  The group was formed in February 2004 in the town of Tulun of Irkutsk region by two beginning musicians - Abdukaliev D.D. ("Pushkin"- born 26.03.91) and Dmitriev A.V. ("Svin"-born 16.03.88) During the following time the guys were actively looking for talented musicians. The group members and the rehearsal bases changed one another. Later Dmitriev A.V. invited his friend Shevchuk A.N. ("Foont"), who earlier had graduated from musical school, to the band as an accordionist and the vocalist. The problem was to find the bass. After some changes Striynyak V.N.("Purgen”) became the bass-guitarist in the band.

  During that period of time the musicians were playing different music, without paying any attention to styles, just enjoying rehearsals and drinking. In June 2007 the musicians invited Nikitin A.S. (Dust), a quite famous person in musical field of East Syberia (the collection East-Siberian punk № 2 the compositions "Crazy Army” and "The Eye”) as a director of the project and then they began to work on their first studio album that was issued in DIY way. It was named " The Mecanic’s Nightmares”. After that V.P.S. took part successfully in some local lives and several regional rock-festivals.

  During the summer 2009 the band was recording the second album " The Fucking Independence”. Mastering has being done about a year. The album was issued in November 2010 also in DIY way.

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